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Request Summary: Create a small VB.NET application that runs on clients with .NET 3.5 to create shortcuts in different places (like start menu with subfolders, desktop, etc.) according to an user active directory group membership the mapping table will be a csv file that shall be passed via command line parameter. No GUI - just verbose output if configured via parameter.


More Details:

The applications reads in a csv file where information is stored about shortcuts to be created. Next it checks the current logged in user membership of active directory groups and stores both information locally on the endpoint (preferrably in a subfolder of user's %APPDATA%). The reason for storing locally is that the application needs to work offline when the client is not connected to the corporate network and therefore has no connectivity to the mapping table and the active directory. 

In the main program part the application shall loop through the icon list and create the icons in the appropriate places, of course only if the group membership of the user is valid. 


The CSV-table will contain all relevant parameters for icon creation, and also additional conditions (e.g.: valid from, valid until, etc.) - details will be made available to the contract winning party.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. 

Conversation can be held in german or english.