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Ich benötige eine Werbevideo.

Dear community of freelancers,

we are a small German company located in Lubumbashi, DRC.

We are marketing and distributing two brands - Dano milk powder and Twiga maize meal. For both brands we have created successful TV spots in the past. The latest Dano one was released in February and the Twiga one in July. 

We now need to create a tag-on for each of these spots. For Dano we are planning a social media picture contest which we would like to explain to consumers on TV. For our maize meal Twiga, we have created a new packaging design as we have started to enrich it with important vitamins & minerals. The new packaging design as well as the benefits of fortification shall be explained in the TVC tag on.

We are now looking for a smart, skilled designer who can get these jobs done. 

For each brand we have attached a separate briefing outlining exactly what we expect. 

We would kindly ask each applicant to provide samples of his or her work so that we get a first impression!

Many thanks!