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I would like to develop a software to be able to manage vacation houses online, and the option that the guest can the the Kalender online and can book at there. The condition for the software is must online work Be used by every browser and smartphone can  

here some links for example:">">


the software need an backend area for me to manage the bookings.

My company have two vacation houses. So we need two vakanz calendar

When i laying out a new booking, i would like to click in the calender and choose the date.

Then we have to whrite in the Data: Name of the guest, number of guest, email, telefone, price. and some other notes...


and also we need an frontend area for the guest in the homepage.

The condition is that the guest can see the two calenders and the dates whitch are free.

The guest can choose a date and book online.


my budget for this project is at 1200€

when you need more infos you can whrite me and i´ll tell you.



the name of the guest, the price, if the guest need linen and towles.