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I'm currently using Shopware 5.

I'm looking for a solution to add tooltip-buttons for every possible frontend element. Let me try to explain how that should work:

1. There needs to be a shortcode-option to place an tooltip/info-button on every frontend-element like titles, text and other stuff. It should also be placeable inside image corners. If the customer clicks on it, a pop-up with the description opens up.

2. The pop-up should be always centered on the page while the background (site-content) should be filled with a 50% opacity grey or white layer so the customer is focused on the pop-ups content.

3. HTML-support for the description is needed, not just plain text. Responsive design is required and the plug-in should be compatible with the storytelling-feature.

4. Each icon should have the option to be individually styled with CSS or should have the option to assign a CSS class to it.

Please see the screenshot for a simplified version of how it should look like.