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Hallo! Wir sind eine Werbeagentur mit 20 Mitarbeitern und immer auf der Suche nach professionellen und zuverlässigen Service-Anbietern.

Für einen unserer Kunden aus dem B2C suchen wir einen Progammierer für animierte Web-Banner. Die Inhalte (Story) sowie das Design/Layout wird von uns entwickelt und vorgegeben. Sie erhalten entsprechende psd-Vorlagen.

Erfahrungen in der Erstellung von B2C-Bannern gewünscht.

Wir entwickeln zwei inhaltliche unterschiedliche Web-Banner welche in zwei Formaten benötigt werden: Format 1: Skyscraper 160 x 600 Format 2: Leaderboard 728 x 90 Programmierung bevorzugt über Flash. Technisch mögliche Alternativen nicht ausgeschlossen. Inhalte der Banner zum Teil animiert. Sound wird nicht benötigt.

Beste Grüße

Bitte beachten Sie die folgenden technischen Einschränkungen und Hinweise: --------------------------------------- File Format & Size Submit creatives in a correct format and size. Ads can be formatted as either .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG or Flash files. Ad files must be 40K or smaller. All ads must be submitted in the full standard format sizes (priority in top down order): 1 Leaderboard: 728 x 90 2 Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 Image Quality Ad images must be clear and recognizable. Text appearing in the ad images must be legible. We reserve the right to disapprove low quality or blurry ad images. 'Trick to click' ads which might confuse the user are not allowed. This includes ads that simulate a cursor arrow moving and clicking on the ad. Your ads should comply with the following: - Must occupy the entire space of the image size you've chosen. - Cannot appear sideways or upside down. - Cannot be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or otherwise appear to be more than one ad. - All .gif and .swf ads with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color to the majority background color of the ad. Animation Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds on Google Doubleclick AdExchange and 15 seconds on Microsoft Advertising Exchange. Strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads are not allowed. Ad animation must be confined to the allotted ad space. Ads that expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the web site are not allowed. Sound Your ads may contain user-initiated audio only. Flash ads Follow our requirements for Flash image ads. Flash is a plug-in for web browsers that allows animation to be added to web page components. Flash advertising is allowed for all advertisers, with some technical restrictions. File Size: Flash ads must be 40K or smaller in file size. Animation Length: Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate) on Google Doubleclick AdExchange and 15 seconds on Microsoft Advertising Exchange, after which point they must remain static. These ads must also comply with the other animation policies. Flash Versions: All Flash ads must be published for Flash Player version 4-8. ActionScript Versions: Actionscript version 1 - 2 is acceptable. ClickTags: All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable. This is the proper code for the clickTAG parameter: on (release) { getURL(clickTAG, "_blank"); } Depending on the structure of your Flash ad, it may be necessary to prepend "_root." or "_level0." to "clickTAG" above, resulting in "_root.clickTAG" or "_level0.clickTAG". Tracking Event Constraints: we do not allow the specific tracking of user interactions that don't involve clicks. Tracking parameters that are not allowed include: - Key-modifier tracking - Mouse location tracking Other Behaviors: The following coded behaviors have restrictions on their use: - Extra Calls: Your ad code cannot make external server calls for additional Javascript or other functionality. All functionality must be localized to the code itself. - Tracking Bypass: You cannot change the behavior of your ad to avoid or eliminate the redirect URL. - Destination Changes: The ad should direct users to a web page with the appropriate destination URL. It should not open the destination URL within the ad IFrame itself. - Integrated Audio: Your ad may contain user-initiated audio only. - Cursor Behavior: Your ad may affect or change a user's mouse cursor (arrow) only after the user initiates an action. - Loading Ad Content: Your ad may load images or another SWF file at runtime. However, your new content must adhere to the current player security model and incorporate the proper settings for your Flash ad to run in our system. - Random Numbers: Your ad may not include code that generates or uses random numbers. Requirements for third-party ad serving Ads served through third-party tags must meet the standards above. Tags must display consistently. If a tag doesn't conform to our performance or reliability standards, we reserve the right to pause or stop the campaign. Please note that some Ad Exchange Technologies only allow certified third-party ad servers. Please contact your Account Manager for additional information. If your ad server is IAB certified, it is most likely also a certified technology on these Ad Exchanges. Also, the following rules apply on these Ad Exchanges. Fourth-party calls: All ads may only include tracking elements from or redirects to Ad Exchange buyers already approved by the Ad Exchange. You may make only one additional tracking element or redirect to another certified ad server, rich media vendor, or research tag. Data collection: You may use a cookie, web beacon, or other tracking mechanism to collect anonymous traffic data for purposes of aggregated reach, frequency and/or conversion reporting, provided you use a certified third party vendor for this purpose. Collecting impression-level data via cookies or other mechanisms for purposes of subsequent re-targeting, interest category categorization, or syndication to other parties on Ad Exchange inventory is prohibited. You may not associate cookies, web beacons, or other tracking mechanisms with personally-identifiable information (PII) for any purpose or with precise user location for behavior targeting unless the user has knowingly and expressly opted in. You must display a prominent privacy policy with an option for users to persistently opt out of any cookie, web beacon, or other tracking mechanism set by you for data collection.