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6.000 - 10.000

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06.01.17 13:46

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I need the following:




Campaign list / overview with options to add, edit and delete campaign

  • Define budget per day
  • Source menu list (choose from active templates in Wochenvorlage)
  • Add alt menu picture
  • Choose Facebook campaign,
  • Choose google campaign
  • Choose banner templates
  • Display restaurant details
  • Display final banner
  • Choose from templates
  • Banner preview of website
  • Upload restaurant logo

API Connections

  • Connect to Google API and send campaign data (text as well as picture)
  • Connect to Facebook API and send campaign data (text as well as picture)
  • Look and behavior of HTML5 banners will be defined once on the side of Facebook and google, so later only a picture and data needs to be send to the google and Facebook APIs
  • If possible: Display Banner also in Remarketing tool

Requirements and solution development

  • Research on how Google and Facebook handle payments via subaccounts needs to show feasibility regarding the following statements:
    1. Payment of Google and Facebook will be done (no additional payments to Google or Facebook required)
    2. Users need to transfer money ahead of a campaign starting (based on an invoice)
    3. Campaigns in Google and Facebook will be handled by subaccounts
    4. The budget will be handled by the software and campaigns will stop as soon as the budget is used up (We will not pay money to Google or Facebook, which has not been transferred to them from the customer beforehand)