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Ducker Research Europe is a market study company dedicated to the B2B sector.

We are currently conducting a project in the agricultural sector, requiring to conduct 45 minutes qualitative interviews with farmers in GER (by native speakers ideally).

Approx. 30 open ended questions: detailed answers, examples and comparisons are expected

Mission of the freelancer:

- attend the 2h initial briefing provided by the project manager (project context and objectives, team organisation, review the guidelines together)

- conduct the 45 minutes interview with farmers (have to be recruited based on a qualified listing provided by Ducker)

- write the transcript of the interview in the initial guideline (Word document - in FR or ENG) - and send it shortly to project manager

- be available for a one hour conversation (on a weekly basis) to debrief about potential questions and findings

Start date: asap (briefing on Sept 17th - TBC)

End date : October 10th (target)