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Myself and my partner are looking for an apartment and I wanted to make a small program to speed things up.

The problem

Every day we get an email in and have to go through the apartments and write to each one by one. Then some are gone etc. Instead I would like to respond immediately to all the listings and catalogue the positive responses for review. 

There are two scripts 

Script one. 

1 When a specified email address arrives this email is scanned for email addresses which are then stored in a cell with a date in a cell above

2 A group bcc email is composed and sent with the subject apartment". 

3 New emails that arrive in the inbox are scanned and if match to emails address in the cell then, 

Content, email address and link to webpage with images of the apartment from original email are added to a row under the cell that contains all the email addresses. 

Something like, if sender address = address in sheet then create new row under and populate this row with a check box, the email address the content of the message and the hyper link that is close by the email address in the original email.

There are a positive and negative response cells next to the standard response. 

Script two. 

When Run 

1 Scans the document for rows with check marks and if present sends a group email with the positive response and if not present sends a group email with the negative response to its associated email addresses. 

2 Removes the check boxes and replaces cells with a colour. 

Ongoing maintenance of script i.e. Updated versions of either apple script mac mail or numbers.