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Die Web-Applikation läuft bereits, allerdings nur testweise (ohne Nutzer derzeit). Folgende Änderungen sind nötig:


Highest Priority

1. An EYE is one adventure that we can play here in this software. Right now, EYEs can only be reset for ALL players at the same time, meaning each and every player of that EYE has to start all over again. We want this:

"Individual EYE reset per user (if users play in pairs, then the reset should work for the combined pair)"

2. EYEs are divided in chapters, which are divided in subchapters, which are divided in steps. There are different type of steps, one such type is a crowd sourcing step, where you can see input from all players before you. There seems to be an error with it.

Crowd sourcing preview: "Crowd Sourcing: Running a Preview for the Crowd Sourcing step Hamleys Website is ok (in one of our already designed EYEs). But when clicking OK to get the next step Crowd Sourcing Results from Website Purpose give an error. This doesn't work on both Firefox 3 and 5"

3. In the initial design, the software was handled by Uni Admins (for our first customers were universities), and authors, who designed the EYEs (i.e., professors or lecturers using our software to develop learning

material). There is a problem in this differentiation: Uni Admin rights: "Right now Uni admin cannot add players to EYEs (only authors can). We need for a Uni Admin to automatically have Author rights over all EYEs in their respective university in addition to all the things that they can do now."


Moderate Priority

4. When you have designed your EYE and want to publish it, the software checks whether all chapters and subchapters are empty and whether all steps are configured (i.e. not on default settings). Then it laments this if it finds violations, but it does not tell where it found a violation. This is bad for the designer of the EYE, who needs to look manually. It would be best done by the already existing button 'View EYE hierarchy': Non-configured steps: "View EYE hierarchy' should turn all the empty subchapters red in addition, the steps should be turned red if they are not configured"


Low Priority

5. All issues related to compatibility with FF5.0

6. A small problem with an information step: "Information step, if once selected during design, it cannot be changed (the drop down remains grey)"