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patrick kunzke
Verifiziert von mangopay

Langerwehe, Deutschland
3.44 Score: 3.44/10 Score
2 Sprachen



Überblick Skills

Web & Programmierung
Design & Medien
Vertrieb und Marketing

Über patrick kunzke

A student trying to be a freelance web developer. I'm a german student of media- and event management. Among my studies, I learn to code and do some programming and designing for my fellow students. The skills indicator beneath are faulty. I did not perfect
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Web & Programmierung

total average: 4.230769230769231/10

CSS 6.0/10

HTML 8.0/10

HTML5 8.0/10

Javascript 5.0/10

JQuery 3.0/10

PHP 2.0/10

Python 2.0/10

Raspberry Pi 2.0/10

Ruby 3.0/10

Ruby on Rails 3.0/10

SEO 3.0/10

Swift 3.0/10

WordPress 7.0/10

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Design & Medien

total average: 4.2/10

3d 3.0/10

Animation 4.0/10

Digital Photography 5.0/10

Graphic Design 5.0/10

Logo Design 4.0/10

Photography 5.0/10

Video Production 6.0/10

Videography 3.0/10

Visual Effects 3.0/10

Webdesign 4.0/10

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Vertrieb und Marketing

total average: 2.4/10

Internet Marketing 3.0/10

SEM 2.0/10

SEO 3.0/10

SEO Texte 2.0/10

Social Media Marketing 2.0/10

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Web Services