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Florian Struck
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Hamburg, Deutschland
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Web & Programmierung
Design & Medien

Über Florian Struck

Durch meine langjährige Berufserfahrung als Programmierer, Teamleiter und Usability-Experte in der IT-Branche, bin ich überzeugt Ihre Anforderungen mehr als erfüllen zu können. In den letzten fünf Jahren war ich bei der Sports Vision & Facts UG, unter anderem
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Trainer Tool

Trainer Tool

The goal was to implement an app which is simple to use on PC as well as Windows Tablet visualizing statistics and a 2D top view of the football training/match to be used by coaches. I coded and designed 90% of the application using MonoGame for 2D top view and a self implemented statistics visualization, UI was implemented using WPF.



System to reconstruct football scenes for the augmented reality broadcast integration “Holodesk”. The moderator / expert can lead through the scene, draw analytical elements and via touch gestures interactively choose the visible part of the scene. I designed the standalone graphic renderer and the engine’s specific toolset to allow operators to reconstruct scenes based on real video footage.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Sailing application for Swiss Timing running on Browsers, iPad, iPhone, Android and as a standalone Windows application. I developed the app within 5 weeks, Swiss Timing delivered the 3d models of the boats and recorded data of the GPS modules on the real sailing boats. And 3D Tactics is an iOS, Android, WebGL Browser-App which allows to watch interactive reconstructed football scenes.


Web & Programmierung

total average: 7.5/10

.NET 7.0/10

C# 10.0/10

C++ 10.0/10

CSS 6.0/10

PHP 7.0/10

SQL 7.0/10

Usability 7.0/10

WordPress 6.0/10

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Design & Medien

total average: 6.6/10

3d 9.0/10

Animation 7.0/10

Camera Tracking 5.0/10

Rendering 7.0/10

Webdesign 5.0/10

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Web Services



Mobile Apps