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Berlin, Deutschland
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I am a freelance Cameraman/Video Editor. I am experienced in working with my production team. We could have After Effects for editing with motion graphic. I know very good English and Mandarin , a bit of Germany and native Cantonese. I am a Bachelor degr
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Fruit Logistica 2015 (Berlin)

My production team and I offered video and photography services for exhibitor of Fruit Logistica 2015 (Berlin) for 3 days. We worked with Goodfarmer Co., Shanghai, Ltd. and we made professional video and photos for its Bio-fruit products, commercial partnerships and online-marketing.

Volkswagen Beetle release Press

Volkswagen Beetle release Press

My production team and I offered video service for Volkswagen Press Conference for its new model Beetle released. We made a Corporation video with footage from release press, celebrity, promotional events. Finally the Corporation video was being broadcasted on Hong Kong mainstream TV channels.

Big Day Motion Graphic

Big Day Motion Graphic

We made a Motion Graphic video which lasts for 3mins for a Canadian couple's Wedding Ceremony. The video is in Hip-Hop and casual style. It is to present a Friendly Greeting to the couple.