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[OBSCURED] needs a proper update.

[OBSCURED] is a TV Channel with Educational and Entertaining Programming for the whole family and is broadcast in over 100 regions in 17 languages (via PayTV and VOD). 

Since there is a major re-branding coming up this year, the digital department wants to get the website revamp on track early enough, to deliver the new design on time.

Budgets for a full stack development from scratch are not expected for now. Instead, we want to prove that with a combination of a professional and powerful Wordpress theme that is adjusted and extended by a skilled Wordpress wizard, a convincing alternative to the current setup can be achieved in a reasonable timeframe.

Important note: This project is only asking for a draft page in a single language version (English) with the potential of rolling it out internationally in a 2nd phase.

Requirements for the page:

>immediately to understand that this is ‘Edutainment for the whole family’

>How and where can I watch DVL programming?

>What’s up On Air right now? And tonight. And on the weekend. (proper TV schedule)

>What’s new and special on the App? Where can I get it? (Download CTA, Teaser, Deeplink)

>What’s new on social media? Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

>Slots for online campaigns (e.g. via

>Info area for parents

>Info on Series (Trailers, Texts, Images, Games, Meta)

>Slots for Games & Quizzes

Suggested theme:

But very open to any suggestions!