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Briefing Copywriting Aimondo Brand Relaunch

Es geht darum die Texte neue Website für eine SAAS / B2B Firma zu erstellen.

Folgende Webseiten sollen getextet werden:

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Briefing Copywriting Aimondo Brand Relaunch


Website copy text & headlines 


Copytext monthly newsletter

About Aimondo 

Aimondo observes prices and other sales-related information on the Internet for dealers and manufacturers, and at all times provides complete transparency about the pricing of its competitors. Distributors also receive pricing proposals for their products based on the extracted data.

“Aimondo delivers you clarity about your competitors pricing structures”

The Task 

Develop a B2B communication strategy and brand relaunch that introduces the Aimondo system, generates buzz & directs Onlineshops and manufacturers to purchase the Aimondo™ system.

1. Create a strong, premium brand & product personality for the B2B Market.

2. Develop kickass marketing material to convince decision makers

3. Build a trustworthy online and offline appearance 

The Goal 

Prove the success of Aimondo™ in the german market, gain trust and position Aimondo™ as the most effective, efficient, high-quality and reliable option there is on the market for pricing, price intelligence and repricing.

Target Groups

In general our target groups are decision makers in online shops and manufacturing companies. 

1: Pure Player | Online Shops 

"How is the application of Aimondo, can we handle it?" 

How do I become more visible?

"How do I get more market share?"

"I need maximum transparency about the market"

"Never sell too cheap again"

"Who are my competitors and what prices and conditions do they have?"

"I want to understand how the prices come about"

"Pricing tool: means my prices would fall - but I really want higher prices"

2 Brands | Manufacturers 

"What happens to my products? "Who are the sellers of my products?"

"How are the competitor products priced?"

"I need maximum transparency about the market"

"Do all sellers stick to mine. Requirements?"

"Which distributors do my competitors have?"

"How is the application of Aimondo, can. we deal with it "

“How are the prices of my products developing?”

“What are my prices in international comparison?”


Transparency: We need an overview of the competition. We want to know where we are too cheap and where too expensive. We want to have the prices that lead us to success.

ROI: We want efficiency. We do not want to bring any internal effort, immediate, measurable results the clear added value. No IT project - no risk. No training required. Before testable.

Smart decision making: We do not just want to have the data, we want to be able to use it strategically. We want to identify trends early, stay ahead of the competition and know that we are making the right decisions


We will combine aspects of market transparency, ROI and smart decision making into our communication to echo the all-in-one smart pricing solution that caters to the needs of pure players and brands.

The 3 strong common insights defined between the two personas will be used as themes to guide our campaign ideas and activations. Market Transparency, ROI & Smart Decision Making will be at the core of our campaign.