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Webdevelopment/customizing of the crowdfunding theme


Disable of the Paypal integration Disconnect API Interface to Paypal, that no datatransfer will take place (causing problems in the theme), also in the Registration process Purchase process Due to the fact of disabling of paypal, the purchase process must be customized. The actual paymentmethod shall be only bank transfer. (later: debit credit authorisation)

Additional data-fields

a. Investment/Project-Identification every project has its number and name, it must be possible to upload PDF Files (i.e. investment proposal, calculations) to the individual projects

b. Investmentamount Share multiplied with price per share, i.E 100, 250, 500€ price per share. Customer can choose (by drop down) how many shares he want to buy

c. Buyer-Identification Title (Herr/Frau) Name (name) Vorname (surname) Straße, Nr. (street) PLZ (Postcode) Ort (city) Land (Country) Geburtsdatum (date of birth): Important: all datafields are necessary (not optional). fault messages if no input

d. Confirmation of the necessary contracts (Beteiligungsvertrag, Poolingvereinbarung, 2 PDF‘s)

e. Kauf (purchase) -> summary of the transaction (Investmentamount, contractual partner , escrow account)


Save customer/transaction data in database the fields must be written in the wordpress (aditional Wordpress user Object) database automaticly (if input by customer) Integration with existing database for counting the fundingprozess of the projects (even without paypal) Save and show how many investors have buyed shares of one project.