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I am seriously interested to get my next Company Homepage developed based on Flat Metro Template from Themeforest. (I have purchased it already)

I want to have a real professional solution, and therefore I ask you, if you or one of your partners,( in Germany) could make the basis structures, to enable me to add later Items and objects and updates locally with my people.

My current homepage should be replaced, about 60 % of the tags will disappear and a new one with a lot of information in Downloads of papers and recorded webtasks etc.  will be added.

The current structure (Three layers) is as follows: 

(What I need is exactly something like this structure set up for your flat metro concept. And we can add the contents, the objects and further links, internal and external. Perhaps I like to have a blog. Twitter, Xing  etc is not a main issue, since you cannot find us there. )

Subject to be optimized by reduction: see attachement please.