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6.000 - 10.000

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20.04.15 21:13

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Online Game: Subject matter will be given to freelancer that wins bid.


1. Users Register Account

2. Login/Logout

3. Edit Account

4. Create Character

Back End:

User Management:

Add User Account

Suspend User Account

Delete User Account

Ban User IP

In Game Products

Create Product

Edit Product

Delete Product

Activate/Deactivate Product

Payment System

Used For Premium Products and Monthlty VIP Subscription

Ads Managment:

Create Advertisement

  • Duration
  • Clicks
  • Ad Zones

Edit Adverisement

Delete Avertisment

Front End:

Home Page:

Display Users online

Display Top Users

Display User Charater

Interact With Other Users.

Buy products and upgrades with ingame currency.