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Web Scraping Tender:

  • Create one XML/CSV/EXCEL File with content of 18 specified web pages. Each content has to be shown in a separate sheet
  • File is intended to be created daily! Hence, equip it with a user-friendly procedure to start the process as a whole
  • 18 specified web pages have to scraped, specified content at the page has to be chosen
  • 3 web pages have to be accessed via login/pass, one is a pdf report, the rest are free available pages
  • Each web page averagely has less than 100 rows
  • Values in cells has to be shown as comma separated numbers. Numbers separated by points in original data have to be converted to commas.
  • Content of each page can be displayed thoroughly or with reference to the in the specified tender mentioned columns of each item


All offers with binding estimate! Invoice in Euro!