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Wanted - High Performance Executive Assistant (Berlin)
- Start: ASAP
- Contract: Freelance, part-time with the potential to become full-time
- Where: Berlin & Home Office

Looking for a high performance executive assistant to support an entrepreneur running a company with “growth through acquisition strategy”, i.e. executing mergers & acquisitions.

Initially, you will work from home the majority of the time and with me in-person possibly once or twice a week. As the business grows, you may need to work more often from the company office. Accompanying me to meetings will also be required at times.

You must be:

  • * Meticulous -- you have a fine eye for the details.
  • * Resourceful -- you always find a way to make it work. * Solution oriented.
  • * Positive -- Pleasant to be around and work with. Vendors and other staff or joint venture partners like you. Able to get things done by working well with people. Able to negotiate better pricing, alternatives, etc. with vendors in a way that has them feeling good about it.
  • * Flexible
  • * Hyper-organized -- Able to handle a large variety of projects and tasks and make sure nothing slips between the cracks.
  • * A native German speaker and a fluent English speaker. Being able to understand/speak Turkish is a bonus, but not mandatory.
  • * Utterly reliable
  • * Completely Trustworthy
  • * Well Spoken -- Articulate. Can communicate professionally and informally over the phone, in person, and in writing.
  • * Independent
  • * Looking for the right person to "team up" with me to help leverage and organize my time. Must have experience helping to run the business life of other senior level executives or entrepreneurs.
  • * Always looking for ways to create systems and structure to make projects and tasks flow better and be easier for the future.
  • * A great deal of common sense and business sense. Understand at a practical level how the world of business works so that you can help the company minimize costs and exposures and maximize and leverage opportunities and relationships.
  • * Comfortable with technology and able to quickly learn new software tools. Expert level proficiency at MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Workspace, etc.
  • * Be willing to travel.
  • * Having a Driver's License is a plus.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* Organization and systematization of all corporate filings and paperwork

* Organizing travel arrangements. Learning to make travel for me smooth, easy, fast, and productive. Will become fluent in my travel preferences and needs and will be flexible to make any needed last minute changes.

* Handle billing disputes with vendors that might otherwise fall on me.

* Screen phone and email for me and handle as much of it as possible.

* Scheduling and holding the master calendar for appointments and project deadlines.

* Document processes and procedures to build an internal knowledge base and maintain it.

* Help facilitate meetings, including taking meeting notes and reporting on the progress of actions.

* Translation and interpretation from German to English (and Turkish to English is a bonus). * Transcription of dictation files emailed to you from me. Includes correspondence, writing drafts, etc.

* Creation of master filing system (both paper based and electronic).

* Any other tasks or projects that will free up my time and allow me to focus on higher value areas. Whether this be sorting my mail, to researching on the web for statistics I need for a report

* I am writing, to making arrangements for my personal residence to be looked after while I am on an extended trip. Willing to roll up your sleeves and help do whatever needs to be done.

* The work environment is a combination of formal and informal. Need to be able to adapt to the  situation and be comfortable with and without a lot of corporate formalities and be a clear communicator who will speak plainly and believes in being committed to a high performance team and making the workplace fun, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding.

* Must live near Berlin to be able to meet with me in-person, as well as attend meetings whenever it is required. Also, will need a home office and work environment that is efficient for doing business out of.