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We're looking for a experienced and professional supporter to help our core-developer with an PWA project. This means, that we looking for a problem-solver for certain tasks, where we have too less in-house experience to develop a propper/stable/professional solution on our own.

Currently the app is 60-70% done, starting ASAP. Probably its not a fulltime job, its more on helping out on demand during our development process.

About the app:

- Front-end for a course-platform running interactive multimedia online-courses

- Courses are build from various content-elements delivered over a JSON API (JSON-LD)

- TYPO3 is used as backend for the content management

- It's a PWA with service-worker, using JWT for authentication

- Used packages: BootstrapVue, i18n, VueX, Router, Axios, XState, VideoJS, Howler, VeeValidate

Must have / Skill requirements:

- Experience in developing professional AngularJS applications (since we transfered concepts of Angular into Vue)

- Experience in developing professional VueJS applications

- Very familiar with TypeScript

- Knowledge about Vue, Vuex, Router, VeeValidation, Decorators, Inversify

- Familiar with Git (we're using GitLab for repository and issues)

- Good english communication skills

Example tasks and to-do's:

- Implement a route-guard to intercept router navigation requests based on certain conditions (e.g. protect the user from navigating back during a training-session by accidentally hitting the back-button on mobiles)

- Implement a route-guard to redirect to login-page for protected pages if no authentication is present (user login already exists)

- Implement some CRUD functionalitity including validation

Important notes:

- We need direct one-to-one communication from developer to developer for discussions and brainstorming together. A middle-man is a no-go!

- Less is more: we try to have as less package dependencies as possible inside the project. Means: you are not allowed to solve tasks just by adding packages! For each package which you want to add we will discuss why it is needed, what the alternatives are and if it make sense.

Please provide some information about your experiences regarding the requirements and packages mentioned above. We're looking forward for your offer.

Edit 1: It's a VueJS 2 project, no composition API