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Job scope:

50% System administration and configuration including in particular:

- Configuring and maintaining Docker and web servers in the cloud

- Configuring and administrating Linux servers in the cloud

- Network security and access management (setting up firewalls, VPNs, certificates, user accounts, etc)

- Configuring and maintaining CI/CD, prepare, tag and deploy releases

- Administration of following applications: Jira, Confluence, Git/Bitbucket, Jenkins, Maven/Nexus, Sonar

50% Development

- Backend (Java, JEE) and/or frontend (Javascript, React, Android) development

Especially Docker and Linux skills are critical for this role. A 50% allocation for the sysadmin part alone would also be an option, ideally with a 1-2 months full-time allocation in the beginning and subsequent on-demand availability within half a day to assist the rest of the development team in case of critical issues.