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Getsurance is a unique insurance shopping website that is fun and easy to use. We help customers discover their needs and buy the right products. Our mission is to take the pain out of insurance! We are one of the hottest InsurTech startups and we need a cool logo & webpage design to continue our success story.


This is what we need in terms of output:

  1. A logo for Getsurance
  2. A cool design for our bootstrap-based start page
  3. Designs for the rest of our application pages
  4. Complete Corporate Identity (letter head, stamp etc.)
  5. Other materials

Note: 1 & 2 are urgently needed in the first run (work needs to start now). 3-5 will be ordered if we like the results and want to continue a long term relationship with the designer.


This is how we want it done:

  • Getsurance wants to sell boring products (insurance...) in a convenient and fun way to young customers. We don't want to look like a normal insurance website (too serious, white background etc.)
  • Our brand values are: Simplicity, Easiness, Trust (we btw think that simplicity leads to trust).
  • We like colorful and friendly designs. However, a certain degree of seriousness should be maintained.
  • We like comic and flat designs.
  • As for the logo: forbidden are any variations of shields, umbrellas or "protecting hands".


We like the following webpages:


On our current page ( you can see a little bit what we are doing and learn more about us.


This is how we work together:

  • It is important that the work can be started right away.
  • You can work remotely or in our office in Berlin (your call).
  • It would be cool to get a quote for 1 & 2 and maybe already 1-2 ideas for a logo (no drafts, just written ideas how it could look like).
  • Working language can be English or German