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I need a simple script for a automated raytracing procedure. Basically I have aziumth end elevation angle of a 1000 vectors in an csv/txt file (row 1 az1 elev1, row az2 elev2, a.s.o) which I need to go through. Therefore I use the nirt command of BRL-CAD which is an open source software environment. More information on BRL-CAD can be found on and An exemplary screenshot of BRL-CAD's geometry editor UI (MGED) can be found in attachment.

So what I need is a windows script which fullfill the following:

for ray = 1:100

store azimuth(ray) and elevation(ray)

print "ae azimuth(ray) elevation(ray)" in MGED Command window

enter key

print "nirt -s" in MGED command window

enter key


Nirt -s and ae are internal BRL-CAD commands which can be executed via the MGED command window. An example for the input/output can be also found in the attachment.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, thanks for your help.