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Hey I am Emil and I am  independent Security and Threat analyst providing cyber threat intelligence and network traffic associated with malware  infections. I am located in the Germany, Tholey.

I am leading a Blog about Malware and how to secure your systems to defend this under 

I am working on this for about 2 Years. Every month I see that most time for Infection Rig Exploit is used. All Exploits which are used on this Exploit Kit are Public and most people should be safe for the attacks. A part from this I want to create a Testaread with a rebuild of all Steps from this Exploits to create the best defense possible. If you are able to fulfill this project I will give you a list with all Exploits used , the Front End Structure and the Main Structure of the Attack. When This is finished I would like to do a few test in this Testarea and analysis this with you and talk about some secure steps.

I Hope I will find some talented Coders.

Best Regards