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two windows with element needed: (appended)  and . The code should rund under linux , if you have windows or mac only, don't care about, please tell me. Python code should run platform independant, I have some experiences in programming in Python and tkinter-GUI. 

The windows.png should resize automatically. I define the top left point hard coded and the Windows adapts according to to lengh of text. If that is very costly please make a offer without rezising. The textes only differ in about 1-2 centimeters (less than half a inch).

No object oriented code. I need to adapt every few months and oo-code is more complex to read for a non-professional. 

Insert styling elements like "relief", "sunken", ... to each element, so that I can change and adapt like I want. No variable needed! I know working with a professional text editor so I can replace e.g. "relief" etc. multiple times in few seconds.

fill in the data needed hardcoded into the python script using e.g.: A-Data[0] = "'f>i<rst text text text1" A-Data[1] = "'>s<econd test test" A-Data[2] = "'thir>d< text gggggggggg" A-Data[3] = "fourth text mmmmmmmmmm mmmm" A-Data[4] = "fifth text xxxxxxxxxxxx" A-Data[5] = "sixt>h< text here lllgggg  ewwww" A-Data[4] = "se>v<enth text" ....

Same with B.  B-DataTab1[0] = "target >5<" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >6<" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >7<" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >1<'" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >4<" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >z<" B-DataTab1[0] = "target >6< ....

B-DataTab2[0] = "target >x<" B-DataTab2[0] = "target >2<1" B-DataTab2[0] = "target  7>7<" B-DataTab2[0] = "tar>g<et i'" B-DataTab2[0] = "target >w<" B-DataTab2[0] = "target >y<" B-DataTab2[0] = "target >n< ....

B-DataTab3[0] = "target >o<" B-DataTab3[0] = "target >r<" ....

Same with C: C-DataTab1[0] = "Smith, Thomas, some Text 1234" C-DataTab1[0] = "Miller, Mike, some other text" C-DataTab1[0] = "Thatcher, Lilly, special Text" C-DataTab1[0] = "no person"

I'll substitute that hard-coded data with python code that reads a configuration file. That code already exists. 

please make offers.