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We build mobile games for real gamers! Our first title is a deep & competitive turn-based strategy game with trading card game mechanics and is due to release this fall.


The game is based on trading card game mechanics (1v1, turn-based) and only multiplayer. We currently have most (70%) of the game logic running on the server (C++).  Apart from the Game Server we have matchmaking that currently just matches the first 2 players entering the queue. We however want a rank system to be implemented that players will be matched based on rank. Moreover all the player data (Clans, achievements etc.) will have to be stored in a database (has not been done yet).


 Here are the tasks that will have to be completed


- Discuss optimization to the current architecture implemented and planned

- Finish the game logic on the server (C++) 

- Implement matchmaking and player data to the server

- Setup database structure

- Optimize messages send / received

- Deploy our server with automated tooling to cloud infrastructures for continous integration and future scalability 

- Perform load and stress testing, to ensure the multiplayer matches run stable at all times


Required Skills / XP


- Strong with C++

- Experience with server programming and network communication (protocols, streams, connections, multithreading, sockets, message gandling, memory handling), databases, security and performance optimization

- Preference to someone with experience building a multiplayer (!) game back-end


Yes, we also speak German :)