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Dear all,

We are an Electronics Company, making „smart“ Equipment for cars (Induction Charging in the Middle arm Rest, Open your car via smartphone, streaming your content to the main monitor – you name it)

Our idea is, to bring all this automotive-innovation to camper vans (if you have ever used one, you will see it is a quite non-digital experience)

Therefore we do now have a meeting with one of these camper van companies, and wanted to give some ideas to them, what we could develop for them.

For this meeting, we need the following 10 pictures rendered as described.

I will pay 20-100 Euro per Picture, depending on 

- responsiveness, 

- own creativity used and 

- quality of renderings

Until October 12th (including iterations)Iterations: Max. 3 per Image

Image Style:
Stock images (Photos) , some with "hand style" / "MS Paint Style" drawings

Total amount of images:


Between 20 and 100 EUR per pic (depending on quality and efforts needed);

via paypal, wiretransfer, SWIFT, IBAN,

Payment method:
once pic is finished, i will pay for each image
If banking fees are very high (India) i would pay all at once

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