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Hello everybody,

Our project should be a 2D MMORPG Browsergame

By Example:


The structure of our planned game!

- Ingame-Currency: Gold

- Cash-Currency: Coupon

- First-Charakter-Classes: Mage(German: Magier), Warrior(German: Krieger), Archer(German: Jäger)

- Second-Charakter-Classes: Wizzard(German: Erzmagier), Priest(German: Priester), Gladiator, Paladin, Ranger, Hunter

- Maximal-Level: 100

- Jobchange: If the player reached joblevel 45, he can change his job to the second class

- Skill-Tree: Two different skillvariants. The first jobs has 45 jobpoints and the second class has another 50 jobpoints. Additional to these jobpoints it shall give 5-10 books with special skills which can be learned. 

- Rare-Category: Common=white, Superior=blue, Heroic=yellow, Legendary=orange, Setpart=green  

- Guild-System: Player can create a guild. Guilds can have an alliance. If a player leave a guild, they will have 24hours delay to join another guild. The guild becomes a level-up, when players pay money into the guild. For every level-up you need a specific number of members. Every level-up the requirement raises. Each level-up you become 1 skillpoint and the max. number of the member will increase. 

- Instanz: 10 different intanzes. Levelrange: 30, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90

- Chat-System:  It contains: World, Group, Guild, Normal, Trade, PM, System, Guild-Alliance

- Guild-PvP (War of Emperium): Every guild can fight for a castle. One castle has a crystal called "Emperium" which need to break to get it. After breaking the Emperium, everyone will kicked out of the castle except the guildmember which breaked it. When a guild owns a castle it have an advantage. You can have a guilddungeon which contains a specific number of special mini-bosses wich drops rare items.

- Territory-Fight(PvP): Dungeonmaps can have an owner. At the Territory-Fight you can fight with your guild to become it. The owner of the Territory become more exp from the monsters.

- Automatic-Auctionsystem:  Every short timeperiod selected items will be added randomly for the auction. 

- Monsters: It will give 4 different types of monsters. Common, Elite, Boss, Worldboss.

- Pet-System: Every monster can drop their own egg. You can hatched it when you double click on it and with 20% success chance. If a player wear a pet, the pet can grow up. Every monster will give additional exp for the raising. The pet can learned 4 talents. You can click on the talent-place and it will learned a random skill. By expample: Critical Hit will increase by 2 points.  If you have the same pet you can combine them. Every combination your pet will be stronger. 

- Character-Creation: You can choose between male, female, haircolor and Jobclass.

- Charakter-Status: It will give strength(str), intelligence(int), vitality(vit), dexterity(dex), luck(luk), agility(agi). 

- Inventory: Every player have 60 standart places, but you can buy an expansion at the cash-shop. You can sort your inventory with a button. Itemgroups: Equipment, Potions, Materials, Quest, Pets, Other.

- Refine-System: Every type of equipment can be refined. The max. refine according to the rarity of the equipment. Example: Common can't be refine, Superior can be refined up to 10, Heroic can be refined up to 15, Legendary can be refined up to 20 (Set and Cash too). Each refinelevel increase the value of the equipment. 

- Game-Grafic: The design of the exaple game (serenia fantasy) is perfectly adequate, but if it's possible it would be nice to make it more attractive. Mostly important is the character-design. It's desirable that we make a difference between some equipment. 


I hope this informations can make a picture about our project. If you have any questions or some pieces of our instruction was not clear enough feel free to write an email. If the budget is unsatisfactory, please tell us your price.



Adrian T.