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I am looking for a German male voiceover artist to read an English script (with a German accent) for an art video. The video is for my Masters of Fine Art thesis project. It is similar to a documentary in style and the script is about 15 minutes. The price is negotiable, but as I am a student, I don't have a very high budget. I am looking for someone who has their own recording facilities and can send a recorded voiceover. I would appreciate a demo of the below script. Thanks for your interest.

Budget: 150 to 250 EUR


There were often times when I found myself wondering why I'd not seen more of the world. Through the long months of winter, I would sit over breakfast and read about the fields and forests surrounding the city. I regretted that after years of living there, I was yet to traverse the wilds beyond its limits. Working in a small hotel, I commuted nearly every day into the centre of town, and only rarely travelled in the other direction. The hotel was a short walk from the natural history museum and, increasingly, that was where I took my lunch. From the hours I spent there, I developed a keen interest in botany and the natural environment. This only strengthened the urge to experience the world outside the city.



The script should be read in a documentary style and not be over-acted. But it should be in a conversation tone and sound a little melancholic and wistful.