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We are looking for a person who will be cold calling companies from Europe.

We need 5 video calls for this project. You will have to promote russian company in Europe - make a cold call, identify interested person, appoint a video call.

The presentation of the tours is attached below. In addition to English, it is desirable to be proficient in 2-3 foreign languages: Italian, Spanish, German (German in priority).

We will provide a base of companies for calling, but it is desirable that you have your own base or the willingness to collect it. If they start to ask questions about the product/certificates/ways of delivery – say that you do not have this kind of information, and company’s CEO cam give all information on a video call.

Every day we should have full informational report – calls screenshots, names, personal numbers and full comment about the conversation. It would be better, if you can provide us call records.