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1) Integration between Magento - Amazon (at least,,, and based on API / AWS


Minimal Requirements:

A) Exporting articles from Magento ERP to different national Amazon-plattforms. B) Synchronizing inventories between Magento and Amazon (for example based on the Attrubuten EAN or ASIN). Differentiation is needed for articles with similar EAN/ASIN but in different languages. C) Automatically updating quantities and prices of items listed on different Amazon plattforms (als for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) articles. Hence an overview of articles with the same EAN/ASIN on different Amazon-Plattforms and their respective prices is needed. D) Importing / Exporting messages to / from Amazon (for Magento) E Importing Orders from Amazon in Magento

F) Automatically creating invoices (PDF) in Magento and exporting them to Amazon customers using the postal system Amazon. Hereby differentiation regarding country and lungauge of invoice is needed. G) Exporting shipping addresses from Magento either to German Post (Deutsche Post) or to Hermes parcel logistics ( through the programming of interfaces (API). From Hermes the shipping number should be imported into magento (and then communicated to our customers).

H) automated shipping notification from magento to Amazon (with the shipping numbers from hermes). I) Importing dispute solution management from Amazon unto Magento.

J) Programming of different KPI’s for magento and amazon (to be integrated within  magento). 2) Integration between Magento -,,,, and based on API

Minimal Requirements: A) Exporting articles from Magento ERP to different national Ebay-plattforms. B) Automatic start of articles or reinstatement from Magento on Ebay as an auction or fixed price sale. C) Products in Magento are put on non-active (-1) when set as auction (and thereby in all saleschannels)

D) Individual Startplanning for Auctions E) synchronizing inventory between Magento and Ebay (for example based on the Attrubuten EAN or ASIN). F) Update on the quantities and prices of already listed items on eBay G) Import / Export messages to / from Amazon (for Magento) H) Article quick change according to predefined or user-defined criteria I) Automatic transfer of completed auctions and immediate purchase in Magento's enterprise resource planning J) Automatically create invoices (PDF) in Magento and export Articles to Ebay customers via the Ebay mail system K) Export shipping addresses either to the German Postal services (Deutsche Post) or Hermes parcel shipping (Hermes logistics) trough API.

L) Overview of all prices for similar products on all saleschannels.

M) Importing Shipping number from Hermes /Through API) into Magento end exporting them to Amazon or Ebay.

N) Dispute management in Magento (from Ebay and/or Amazon) O) KPI’s (see Amazon)

3) Importing items into Magento

A) of Amazon products, attributes, and import photos into Magento based on, for example EAN / ASIN B) Import of Ebay products, attributes, and photos of, for example based on Magento Auction ID or Product Type C) Automatic transfer-ability into ERP Magento 4) Amazon Price Competition

Minimal Requirements:

A) Overview of Products - Best Price B) Overview of Products - Best Price plus Shipping C) Ranking of my article in comparison to competition: Best price or in the box (number 2,3 or 4) or outside - SALES RANKING D) price Agent per item and per Amazon Country (Automatically adjusts upwards or downwards) on the basis of price or price + shipping or rank. E) creation of price control for one item or multiple items F) Lists identical products under several ASINs (and reprice)

G) Creation ASIN Multi Listing

H) defined floor and ceiling price (range)