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Anbei die Projektbeschreibung auf Englisch (Kommunikation während des Projekts findet jedoch auf Deutsch statt):

We have built a Google Map which needs a bit extra functionality:

- When initializing the map should start with the whole world and overlays (in different colors) for each continent.

- When clicking on a continent-overlay, the map should zoom into this continent. The continent-overlays should disappear and instead country-overlays should show up.

When clicking on a country-overlay, the map should zoom into this country. The country-overlays should disappear.

Additional notes:

- To zoom out again there must be a "back"-button at the top right corner of the map, which should fit the UI of the map

- Only country names should be displayed (not city names)

- The native zoom functionality should be completely disabled. Zooming in is done via clicking on a continent-/country-overlay and zooming out is done via the back button.

- Maybe the native dragging should also be disabled, but we need to test how that will affect the UX.

- The basic map is set up with the pins we want to display. We will send that version to you so you can work with that.

Who are we?

We are a web design agency from Germany. This is your first job but it is a chance for a long term partnership with javascript and web development jobs on a regular basis.

You should be:

- addicted to quality & details

- experienced in Javascript, HTML, CSS

- nice to have: German language skills

- nice to have: experience in Angular 2+ for other projects

Best Regards