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Website Development Project Information Sheet Proposed Website Name: Custondo (name might change) Proposed Website Domain: -  Brief Introduction about the website concept: • Job platform where companies can find and rent a personal chef for a special short event, trade fair, wedding, etc. • Every personal chef can create own set-card with all information (personal information, job references, pictures, experiences). • Companies post jobs information (date, location, job requirements, expectations, accommodation information, etc.) • Companies have to pay for every job they post online. They are different types of jobs (standard jobs - cheapest, power job, top job, jobs with some specials, or a display ad – most expensive) • Personal Chef can have a free account and a charged premium account. • Both user (Personal Chef and Company) should be able to login/register • Personal Chefs have either free or paid premium account (monthly 3,99) • Companies have a free account but pay for every job they publish Job-Search: When a Personal Chef is searching for a job, he will see the most expensive jobs on the top or at the first page.  Will there be any payment gateway integration with PayPal, Stripe, and Banks (or any other) for processing payments (e.g. for Membership plans payments etc.)? If yes please list which payment gateways do you need? o PayPal o Creditcard (Visa, Master) o Sofortüberweisung (straight from the bank account) o  Will there be any third party API/Web service integrations (e.g. Google maps etc.)? If yes please specify. o Google Maps  Will there be any integration with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.? If yes please specify what kind of integration you want. o Facebook o Twitter  Will there be Ads/Publisher services integrated on your website (e.g. Google AdSense). If yes please specify. o AdSense o Amazon o Ebay o Display Ads (Where companies can advertise for jobs)  Do you want a responsive website? A responsive website looks great on all devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. If you do not build a responsive website it will look good and work well only on large screen computers and might not perform well on small screen mobile devices & tablets. Building a responsive website is costlier. Other than responsive website option, you might want to build a separate mobile app for Android/iOS devices. Please specify your preference. o Responsive Website o App (but not yet) Do you already have website page designs ready? If yes then please send us the design/mockups. If no, do you want website design services from us for this project? - Yes, I would like to have a website design services from you.  How many languages your website will support: 2 (German and English)  What will be the primary language of your website? German  How will you advertise your website so that people get to know about it and signup? o Social Media, E-Mail-Marketing, Word-Of-Mouth, Flyer  How many users/members of your website do you expect in one year? o 200 personal Chefs. 500 companies  How much traffic/visitors do you expect your website will have on daily basis? o 100