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I need the following:


  • Login bar on top of screen which will be the same for all websites and products within group landscape
  • Single Sign-on for all websites that will be part of the [obscured] landscape (Note: This will still require a one-time confirmation with username and password on the user’s side)
  • Users can sign up and login,
  • Users can claim to be the owner of a business
  • Users can provide contact and payment details
  • Businesses can be managed, Business owners can be managed
  • Tools can be managed (See description for Pogastro, Company and Remarketing tool)

>         Tools can be bought by businesses

·         Only via invoice: the invoice will automatically be generated and sent to the user

·         Each tool will have its own landing page

>         Tags can be added and managed by admins (e.g. for dishes and restaurants)

>         Permissions can be set for different users (Which features of the management console is available to them)

>         Budgets of Business can be viewed and managed (including a history of all ingoing and outgoing transactions): Admins will check if a payment is made offline and top up the user’s budget in this management console

>         Users will be notified via email in case of an event (invoice needs to be paid, tool has been enabled, permissions have been raised or reduced)

>         Customer support: contact details of [obscured] will be provided which users can contact in case of questions

>         Online purchase and budget management:

·         invoice only

·         users will have the option the transfer a certain amount of money from which services can be paid until the budget is used up

  • Superadmin (permission to create can create new admins)
  • Admin (permission to confirm users as business owners, enable/disable features for businesses, become a business superuser to manage tools on behalf of businesses)
  • Admin with reduced privileges (e.g. to only manage businesses)
  • Business users (permission to use and edit enabled features (e.g. Pogastro profile page, Company, remarketing tool)


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