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For one of our long running projects, we are looking for a senior rails developer. You will be working closely with our in-house development team. You should have experience in medium size, data oriented webapps. We are expecting high quality and on time delivery.


The task is to implement a new provider within an existing Gem. We already have implemented 7 data providers into that existing gem and would like to integrate an additional one.


I'm attaching a dataprovider template file (templateAPI.rb). In the end, this file should need to communicate with the server via http requests (or WSDL-based connections, you can choose according to what the provider offers). The gem has already been developed. You just need to particularize the templateAPI.rb file for XReservations' provider's specific requests.


I am attaching the output data structure (gem_output_structure.txt file) where you find the 7 methods that need to be created.


Our development server currently uses: ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18 revision 29036) [x86_64-linux]. We use Rails 3.2.11, but you won't actually have to do anything within the rails app itself. The gem runs independently of the rails app.


Provider documentation PDF available on request. 


Estimated time: 5 working days. 


When the job has been completed successfully, another provider needs to be integrated.