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Briefing for Freelance Webdesigner

Briefing written by:

Marc Kern

Briefing signed off by:

Chris Lodde


April 2019

Goal: Support CLARK with the creation of a new homepage. Deliver designs for the most important landingpages of the homepage. As a freelancer, you should support the CLARK team in person in Frankfurt.

1. Why do we need new a new website:

¥ Bring optimised brand proposition alive towards new target group (MVCs)

¥ Increase employer branding and trust (via “über-uns” & “jobs” page)

2. Business goals:

¥ Double amount of CLARK Customers in 2019 (from approx. 100k to 200k)

¥ Increase MVC Customers base by 50 % (+5000 MVCs customers) till mid 2020

3. Marketing goals

¥ % Visit to accepted (L360D) from 1,68% to 2% (+20%)

¥ % CTR from 6% to 10% (+66,67%)

¥ Position CLARK according to value proposition

¥ Reduce bounce rate on from 43 % to 30 % (-30%)

¥ Reduce bounce rate on “über-uns” from 53 % to 35 % (-34%)

4. Target group:

¥ Male, 25-45 yrs

¥ Academic education, gross income >40k

¥ Open minded and optimistic

¥ Affinity for new digital services and technologies

5. Which insight drives this brief:

• Getting a good overview and thus taking right decisions on your insurance situation is complex and takes too much effort.

• Currently, homepage visitors do not understand what CLARK is about

6. Timing

• Briefing

KW 15

• Design of Homepage 

KW 16 - 18

7. Budget

• tbd