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Please READ the description thoroughly!

We need 2 photos of our Crosstrainer CX670 retouched to an EXCEPTIONAL degree.

To give an almost unreal/rendered impression.

- very soft lighting

- redrawing of surfaces with gradient colour fillings.

- shadowing/Lighting to give a very appealing impression.

- highlighting shape and surface of the device.

- Transparent Background

Attached are the 2 photos of the device.

(and additionally an archive containing an example of the extent of image retouching we at least need.

We need WAY MORE, than just adjusted "curves" and filters.

Please examine for yourself:

Do not resize the Image. We want to keep the exact same resolution.

We're looking for a long term work-relationship, with similar recurring jobs. Involving photos of new products (Image sets of around 8 Photos/device).

And if you happen to be a designer living in or around Bukharest/Romania. We're currently hiring for our new office there, if you're interested in a well paid full-time job.

For the competition-entry please finish BOTH images.

The required handover for the competition's winner would be the 2 *.psds he/she worked on. With the Photoshop layer-structure preserved! No layer flattening please.