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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to receive an offer for finishing our new website based on the CMS Contao, which is basically almost finished (state approx. 90%).

The website is almost a copy of our current one ([obscured) but with some additional content elements. In the attached pictures you can see the current state of the

new content elements and how they should look. Every element should be customizable and accessible via our contao backend.

- The home-header will be a 3D-animation, which just needs to get a set up - Video file will be delivered by us

- The accordion element (see current-state-2/7 / current-state-3/7.png) needs an additional content slider inside, where you can switch between 3 tabs by clicking on one of the tiles "Karlsruhe, Essen, München"

- The tab slider (current-state-5/7.png) should have the option to have 4 or 5 tabs. The background, title and icon should be fully customizable.

- The paralax slider (see markentraining-parallax-slider.png) should get a swipe-function to navigate between different slides

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Kind regards,

Nicolas Boschert