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The project would be: 

- Hardware: an android phone and an access point (here: a TP link router running OpenWRT - a linux based operating system for wireless routers)


- Software:

  • general: write an android app that is able to download files stored on the access point. 
  • the android phone connects normally via WLAN with the access point. 
  • the access point will be running as a server providing a service (like iperf server)
  • the access point will be holding a special file
  • the android phones send a request to the access point, asking for the file
  • if the access point has this file, it will send this file to the phone. If it does not have the file, it will send an empty file. 

It is prefered to use ZeroMQ ( - a lightweighted message transmission method) for the transmission between the phone and the access point. 


Other requirements:

- design: does not matter

- time: 1 - 2 week

- source code: provide source code at the end of the project

- language: english or german


( Hallo, ich habe auf englisch geschrieben, ist aber kein Kriterium für das Projekt. )