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for conducting research I need a basic tool that grabs the content from facebook fanpages.


I want to save all the content from up to 50 fanpages into html files or a database.


I need a software or webbased tool in which I can write the URL of the fanpage which then grabs the content and displays all the activity of one day in one file. I want one file per day and per fanpage.


So for 50 fanpages the tool would write 50 files per day.


For the period of 7 days It would write 350 pages in total.


All comments, likes, etc. shall be extracted so its a 1:1 copy of the facebook fanpage streams.


Additionally grab the following data and write it to a databse:


Number of comments per fanpage for each day, number of likes per fanpage (likes of comments) for each day, names of the commentators, number of comments per commentator, number of likes per commentator.


Save number of fans of each fanpage once a day.


Please name an approximate price for creating this tool within the next two weeks.


The first step will be to create a working demo of the grabbing function (1:1) copy (will be paid) before I will award the whole project.




Bjoern Zimmer