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II search for a developer how can programm for me Facebook Image and Message Poster. Requirments: * I will upload this script to my own webhosting that it runs there. * I will set time so that i can say every 15 minutes or so one picture will been posted. It should been postet to my page. I will simply ad a new page or so. * I will also post a text to the image or link * I will make a rotation with the text * I will easy upload the image to one folder and the script choose then an image, if this image is postet/used it will been delated. What i also need in a view weeks but not at the moment so only make a bid for the aboth futures. This is only that you can see if the first work is good you have more to do :) *In the future i will make the script multi user ready *In the future i will make the script on SSL *In the future i will Multi Facebook Accounts in each account The price is only a placeholder so feel free to bid what it will coast. But hold in mind its only a test if you work good we will take a long term contract with you.


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