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ich habe diese Ausschreibung auf English verfasst und auch bei Elance eingestellt. Wir präferieren jedoch ein deutsches Team.


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Facebook Application


The App needs to be on mobile and desktop!


Main (Basic) Functionality:


Perception of Customer:


1.     Page with Image

Customer can see an image with the call to action

a.     Like Gate

If Customer is not Fan, he will see a different image, than being a fan

b. Button to participate with campaign


2.     Notification of Data Allowance

Customer gets a notification to that app is allowed to get following information from facebook user

a.     Sex

b.     Birthday

c.      Likes & Interests

d.     Email Address

e.     Location


3.    Customer can see his list of friends to invite them to a special event

a.     Customer has a button to choose „Choose all friends“

b.     Customer has a button to send out  and particpitae with campaign

c.      Below Invite Box Customer can see information of Event

                                               i.     Event Name

                                              ii.     People going to Event

                                            iii.     Event Image Cover

                                            iv.     Date

                                              v.     Location

                                            vi.     Default Text from Backend


4.     Customer gets an Thank you image (Sucess Image)

a.     thank you text + Image





1.     Box of Campaign Name

2.     Box for Event link (paste)

3.     Default Text Box for Frontend

4.     Starting Time of Campaign

5.     Ending Time of Campaign

6.     Upload Image Option for Like Gate no Fan

7.     Upload Image Otion for Like Gate Being Fan – Normal Situation

8.     Upload Image Sucess, Thank you

9.     Upload Image for Button Design for all App

10. Footer Legal terms Box (Campaign Rules) – will be display in the Footer in Frontend of App with Link

11. Box input for Facebook Conversion Tracking

12. After Promotion. Button to choose randomly winners by inserting the amount of winners




Event Link

With this information app shall get all information e.g. Image Cover Event, Event Name, Event Date, Event Location, Going to Event


Invite all Friends Button

With this functionality the Customer doesn’t need to invite all his friends individually. Rather the system chooses all his friends. E.g INVITE ALL FRIENDS:



1.     Possibility to download email adresses of participant as a csv data

2.     Possibility to download all information of participants as excel

a.     Name

b.     Location

c.      Sex

d.     Email Address

e.     Invited Persons

3.     Possibility to download List of Interest & Likes of Participant


Winner Choosing Area:

Admin should have a  area to insert amount of winners to have and app will generate those winners randomly from all participants.


1.     Box Field for Default Email to Winner Participants

2.     Box Field for Default Email to Loser Participants

3.     Button to send out Emails to winners and all participants