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I would like to do add a few functionalities and improve the design of an existing wordpress site. The site, which functions as a simple tumblr-like gallery where people can post ideas with pictures and short texts, comment on posts, like them, share them etc.

Essential skills: 

  • good mix of wordpress programming and design skills,
  • ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English
  • immdiate availability, project on tight timeline, ideally to be completed by end of August


Existing site is already in word-press and has all core functionalities. Required tasks include:

·         Transfer parked site to commercial hoster

·         Tweak  login and rights management and rework rights for admin, contributor and lurker

·         Tweak posting form

·         Rework tagging system and browse-by-tag menu

·         Add rss functionality

·         Add a pdf print function for individual posts

·         Add searchbox that does predictive search on tags and full text

·         Clean up and improve the overall look and feel design: new font,  some mouseover effects, clearer organisation of posts on page, add background image. Better proportions between images and text…

·         Ensure full functionality across platforms, mobile etc. is maintained along the way.

·         Produce a clone of the final site that can be quickly repurposed for other wall of idea uses