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On our Events Website (Wordpress), there are up to 150 events you can book. After selecting an event, you book by simply filling out an contact form and hitting "send".


Problem / Situation: 3 different „types“ of Events


There are events:


- with one place, one time, one price you can book with standard contact form


- with multiple places and dates but same content. you have to be able to easily duplicate an event and just change date and place.


- wich are put together of for example 3 modules or a combination of different events that belong together but can be chosen separately. 


Every event / module has a single event page for its own, but you should see the „connected events“ in the sidebar of the event page.


After clicking on the „book now“ button you get to the booking site that basically consists of a contact form. There you not only see the one event but every connected event (or Module 1 – 4) that have for example the attribute „connected_events_1“ in common. You can choose the combination by selecting the checkboxes. You get a discount if you book more than one event - combinations and discounts vary and are defined in the backend. So if you chose both „Event1“ and „Event2“ of the „connected_events_1“, each of the two event prices gets discounted by maybe „- 200 euros“ so the total price will be -400 euro less. Underneath there is a total price that is calculated. 



We are looking for a developer able to write us a Wordpress plugin for this issue. An event booking tool that can


- Manage, simply duplicate Events

- Connect events in order to list them in booking process

- calculate a discount in booking process / contact form

- list all latest bookings in the backend



Time range is only 2 weeks so also please suggest a roadmap and budget. we have all the layouts and information so please get in touch for more info.