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My existing website needs to be changed.

I need someone who programmed me the website.

If the website is a corporate website.

The following points are to be implemented on our site: [obscured] (best sign to get an overview of the page)

- Display the generated our App Views of an appointment in the appointment overview - Registration: localize a faulty input and output an error message (for example, please give your first name)

- Registration: "Company" as mandatory - When you create an event, the end date is automatically set to the start date. The end time is set to the start time + 2h

- In the event overview the weekdays are displayed in abbreviated form. (Is: 11/03/2017 - Target: Sat 11.03.2017)

- Dates for an event to be buildable by series function. It just depends on creating, not on the subsequent processing as a series. After creating the series is as such no longer exists, but only individual appointments. The options are similar to those of Outlook his (daily, weekly, monthly).

- In the event list (page after logging) the number to be displayed in the future lying appointments at an event. Currently lying appointments shall be internalized in the past.

- In the appointment overview of events to multiple dates can be selected and deleted, as is possible in the event overview.