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Who we are

[OBSCURED] is freshly founded in 2018 and located in Berlin, Germany. We are a Start Up that aims to make cities more likeable and liveable. We are specialized in public transportation planning. Our core activities are consulting and research.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for a data analyst that has experience in processing big amounts of data. You should be able to sort, aggregate and summarize the data in SQL. 

Our project

We are currently working with transport authorities in a German million sizer city on optimizing the bus network . For that reason we received data from a website and application that passengers in this city are using to navigate with public transportation. The passenger enters his preferences (from point A to B at 12:00) and the application suggests different routes. 

The data is saved in approx. 2.400 .csv files with 50.000 – 100.000 rows (requests) and 26 columns for the year 2017 (in total 80 GB) . The data is build in exactly the same way in every file.

With you we want to access the data in an organized way via SQL, summarize and aggregate it on different levels and export it into systems where we can process the data further on (PowerBI).

In detail we want to know:

  1. how many people requested different relations
  2. how often they have to change
  3. how long the suggested trip is going to take on average

We are open for new ideas and are hoping to find a good partner with you on this project! We are aiming to finish this step as fast as possible ( 1 month). 

Best regards,

Niklas H.