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Hello Everyone, my name is Fabian iam the founder of NeoxEntertainment.

Iam an Unreal Engine Developer but for the development of a new Mobile game i want to try out the Unity Game Engine and i currently build up a small team to create a Mobile game similar to State of Survival

for the game i would need the following features:

Reference Video:

- Gameplay like at (0:53) you can control one character and the two other will follow him

you can interact with loot drops on the maps and also at some points you will be attacked from zombie hordes

Each Character have some unique abilitys like placing turrets or thoring bombs

- City Building (1:28) you should be able to Build up a Town for your Survival Group

The buildings are listed below.. you should have farms to get resorces and storage houses. also you

need to have some watch towers which will attack the enemys

- Players can Grow their Land (2:46) The player will tap the land next to the

current town then he can select the

heros to fight against the zombies. then a cutscene will start based on the current level of the heros you can

win or also loose when they are to weak at the moment

- Check out a map which shows other players towns which you can attack like in clash of clans

also you can find events there like hordes and infected towns / farms which you can attack and overtake to generate more ressorces

That are only some features we need for the game.. we currently search some good unity developers and with much experiance it would be awesome when you could send me some videos or pictures of your previous projects on Discord or per Mail.. after that we could talk more about my ideas for the game and the prices you would charge for the development.

To learn more about my previous projects check out my Youtube Channel

When you want to help me with the game:


Discord: Fabuman2000#1960