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Hi there,I am looking for a programmer who can write an application running on a Raspberry Pi.This application is to be a light control.There are Wlan LED bulbs per controller addressed and the staining process is intended to give a variety of actions on the controller on.It is planned for this to happen via a web interface.The bulbs are sold under the name Milight.More Information Documents on request.

the whole project should be similar to this

Hi there,

the goal of the project is a controller for LED lights (which are accessed via wifi and a separate control unit) to create a raspberry pi. The controller shall be capable of operation over a web interface.

Is desired:
There are 6-10 milight controller to be controllable this is done via wireless the associated IP and the port. About this n away the app accesses the controller.

The web interface is to be divided into a main and several sub-pages.

On the main page 6-10 controllers, and some direct actions should be available

A controller can control 4 groups, these groups should be available as a button and an additional button controls which all four groups at once. These buttons are used to switch on and off
Acitvate will be given for settings under each button one more button. Once you click on this to open on which you can make settings for the lamp a bottom. This affects the color and brightness
There is selection keys directly give RGB colors and a color wheel to produce a mixed color

The direct actions are to be:

  a Wakeuplight which raises the light from a very dark blue on a white in a period of 20 minutes and is can be controlled by time.

A sunset this is the reverse of those wakeuplight operate from a white to a very dark blue and then the bulbs are off.
Here it is important that one can select the groups of the various controllers and can therefore be individually.

There is a button directly enter with the label Ambi this should switch on only certain controllers and groups and everything let others unaffected. The setting would be under setting

It is a key everything on / off type which switches all controllers and groups at once

There should be a direct action that leaving home is called after pressing any controller turns off after about 5 minutes.

Another direct action should be that you can access the settings

The settings are designed to provide the following

You have to see each controller and this share the IP and port
All groups should be named

For the function of wakeup light to the time at which it should start and the controller / groups can be selected the same applies for the sun

There should be a function which, when coming home one book a specific IP selectable controller / groups turns

It is a field in which you enter for 30days controller / groups can choose and this can be a turn-off and assign

There are all largely function as a code only they have to be packed into an app which runs on a raspberry pi. I set this course available which may be discussed separately added some minor changes