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Project Background: 


I am planning to launch for the German-speaking market a set o different / podcast aiming the SaaS industry. Each podcast (not each episode) is covering a specific range of topics e.g. Finance, Operations, Marketing, etc. Each podcast will have a different host interviewing experts in the industry. The podcasts are all available on iTunes, Spotify etc. Just the branding of the cover and the umbrella brand ( will indicate that they are related to each other. 


As I am at the beginning of this project I will start with the podcasting about Channel Sales & Partner Management, because I am most familiar with this topic. 


I am looking for someone who can create the brand and deliver the fist podcast cover. This will be the hardest job as future marketing material will base on the brand created. I would appreciate working with someone in the long term. Thus, a freelancer who could also set up the design for a future landing-page / LinkedIn campaign etc. would be beneficial. Most importantly, experience in setting up a brand from scratch is definitely required. Of course, a virtual workshop can be set up to narrow down my expectation and involve your experience in branding. Please provide me a link to your portfolio of your past projects when applying. 


Brand description:

I would like to separate from another business podcast by being more cheeky and fun. My podcast is focusing on young SaaS companies and not the top IT vendors around the world. 

The design should be clean with a bright main colour. For each podcast, I would like to have another colour e.g marketing blue, finance green.  For the first podcast cover, I would like to have an illustration for Partner Management / Channel Sales (maybe two people indicating working together or even better someone controlling multiple partners to show the scaling effect of channel sales). In the corner should be the brand „by“ Also, on the cover should be my full name and the tile:„Channel Sales & Partner Management“ I do not like to see a micro or something illustrating that the cover is a podcast. In my opinion, that's quite pointless. 


A design and illustration I kind of like is