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We only want to have the basic structure of a Typo3 Webpage done. We already created the template files. The content is going to be filled in by us. You only need to create the basic navigation and install all required extensions.


  • Implement the template file by using TemplaVoila. (There is a slightly different for the home page)
  • Create site's structure (navigation, etc.)
  • Imlement login function for different secured pages, therefore, a user administration has to be implemented, as well.
  • Implement a webmailer (on three pages)

Home Page:

The navigation is supposed to be placed in the header area. (The template is designed for this purpose). Also, static links should be able to set in a left-sided navigation bar (for pages like about us, etc.). The main area on the home page is for news entries.




The page is divided in 10 subpages, which can be accessed by the navigation bar in the header are. Those subpages inherit 5 other subpages, and these subpages do so as well. Therefore, there are three layers. The submenu is supposed to be placed in a left-sided bar, which the template already provides.